Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Retail notes.

After the new year, I wanted to get rid of things I no longer use. 

One of those items were my work notes from the arts-and-crafts store I finally quit over the summer

I took notes on just about everything at that job. How to do the deposit, entering time edits for payroll, processing book returns, etc, etc, etc. 

My second day in, a very stern and rude manager warned me, "You better take notes on this because tomorrow you're on your own." 

At that point, I wrote down every word verbatim. If these fools weren't going to properly train me, I made sure to be as prepared as possible. The more I learned, the more notes I took. I'd refer to my notes time and time again, and in time, I'd train my superiors on it (manager turnover was consistently high there). 

My notes came in handy when I needed them most and my work notebook always brought me a sense of security and reassurance. 

I held onto them until now. After nine years of working there, it didn't seem right just tossing all of those notes. They needed a proper sendoff. 

I ripped up a handful of pages into pieces and glued them into my Crazy Journal. A sort of artistic memorial for them. 

 Paper and marker in Moleskine journal - (NFS)

God knows I hope I never go back to working in retail but it's nice to know I have the experience, and fortitude, should I need to. 

On this, my blog anniversary of all days, it's fitting to say...onto to new and better things!