Saturday, November 16, 2019

She endures.

"I feel like I'm getting weak," my aunt told me. 

"But you were able to do a lot of walking over these past few months," I replied. "I think you're doing better than you realize." 

"Not physically weak," she explained, "but weak in spirit." 

Next week will mark a full year from when my oldest aunt was admitted to the hospital. That was when a large tumor was discovered and later uterine cancer diagnosed

My aunt started receiving immunotherapy treatments back in February of this year up until now. Always in cycles of three with a week off, sometimes more of break when testing was being done. It sounded like it was working yet the treatments always kept coming. 

I have never heard my aunt complain about the process but I'm certain it's hard for her. Behind the positive demeanor she puts on, she must get discouraged and frustrated. 

Within the last month or so, her treatments increased in potency and her hair started thinning because of it. Now she has to wear a wig. How much more does she have to endure? 

Her very last treatment should be next week. Judging on the test results after that, the doctors will decide on how to proceed. 

Earlier in the month I created some more Mail Art to help keep my aunt going. A bit of encouragement in her mailbox. Something she can look upon as a reminder when needed. 

 Markers and ink on standard mailing envelope - 5" x 7"

The front side merges our addresses with the definition of the word endure. And as a blogger once told me in the past, I placed all she endures within the cross on the back of the envelope. 

 The backside splattered with gouache to create a glowing effect.

With the coming holidays being so close, I am hoping for really great news in the weeks ahead. 

You're almost there, Auntie! Don't give up!! Endure just a little longer.


naturgesetz said...

Here's hoping and praying for a good result.

Dean Grey said...


*fingers crossed*


stanw said...

Endure. A lot of life calls for us to endure. Somedays much easier than others but I find about getting older that it takes determination and faith to see each day through. Sometimes I surprise myself that what seemed like a mountain was really just a bit of a bump on the road. Life is a challenge but also a rich learning curve. Day by Day, Eh!

Keep amazing us with your writing and beautiful art work.


Dean Grey said...


Yes, day by day!