Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Green ladybugs!

The air was cool and crisp, the skies were gray, and rain was in the forecast. A perfect Grey Day to go to the beach! 

On a recent excursion to the beach, I noticed green flecks along the shore. I assumed it was bird poop or algae mixed in with the sand and proceeded to wade in the water for a bit. 

That’s when I spotted a bug flailing on its back, inches from the waves hitting the shore. Little black legs grabbing onto nothingness. I turned it right side up, trying to get it to crawl on my finger but it refused. I ended up scooping the sand from underneath its body and moved the insect to nearby safety. 

It appeared to be a ladybug…a green ladybug! Yes, you read that right. Green! 

 A lovely shade of green!

And it wasn’t the only one either. Within my immediate area, those green flecks I noticed earlier were more of the same. Literally hundreds of green ladybugs, sluggish from the cold, inching their way onto whatever stray sticks or grass they could find. 

This scene stretched along the entire shore which meant there must’ve been thousands of them! 

 What the what???

Did I just discover a new type of species? Nope. I looked it up online and these “green ladybugs” are actually called cucumber beetles. Who knew! 

 Sand art I found while examining the beetles.

On such a cold day (it was in the upper 40’s with the wind), what were the cucumber beetles doing here of all places? Why the beach? They wouldn’t be laying eggs so close to the water. 

Perhaps this was a final, mass migration before the colder weather did them in. Maybe they all said, “Hey, if we’re gonna die, let’s live it up on the beach one last time!” 

Whatever the reason, it was an unexpected and welcome display of green. 

Rest in peace, “green ladybugs”. Until your return next spring!


naturgesetz said...


Dean Grey said...


I know, right?


stanw said...

Green Ladybugs...Cucumber Beetles!

That is the first I have heard of them although I have seen pictures of Ladybugs from other countries that displayed other colours. One was yellow as I recall.

Great discovery.

Stan (I still have the little wind-up one you sent me a few years back.)

Dean Grey said...


Stan! I completely forgot about that wind-up toy! I'm glad you still have it. Hopefully it still functions properly too!