Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Battle on, Auntie!!

Late last year our family found out my oldest aunt was diagnosed with uterine cancer. After having a hysterectomy to remove the tumor, my aunt started immunotherapy treatments in hopes of getting rid of the bit of cancer that remained. 

She started her treatments, in cycles, five months ago...and they've been working. 

Her doctor has been very pleased with the results and my aunt was even able to put some weight back on over time. 

"Those prayers are really working," my aunt said. 

My aunt's cancer markers (tests that show how much cancer remains) started out at 291, went down to 79 a couple months later, then dropped to 35. At the end of April (on my birthday), her marker levels were so low, the doctor said it's almost like being in remission. 

To celebrate these successes, I sent my aunt this Mail Art:

 Markers and ink on standard mailing envelope - 6 3/8" x 8 1/4"

The address side shows my aunt as Athena (the Greek goddess of warfare and wisdom) facing danger and heading off into battle. 

The back side of the envelope displays her Gorgon shield with her cancer markers ("battles") written in red. 

A tangible reminder of all that she's endured, survived, and overcome these past several months. 

When I saw her this past weekend, my aunt looked and acted like the clock had been set back five years, to her former self. 

My aunt starts her final immunotherapy cycle, three sessions each, this month. After that, the doctor will decide where to go from there (most likely a monthly maintenance treatment after that). 

I'm happy for her and proud of how far she's come. 

Victory is within reach.

Battle on, Auntie!!


naturgesetz said...

That's great!

The mail art is inspired, and the choice of stamps is certainly appropriate.

stanw said...


Your Mail Art is amazing, love it! I like the Wonder Woman sticker, bet that made her smile.
Also great news concerning her cancer. Answered prayer for sure.
Carry on being her encourager, you are a champ.


Dean Grey said...


Yes, Wonder Woman HAD to make an appearance on this one!



Thanks Stan! I continue to encourage my aunt as best I can. She's not out of the woods yet but all she can do is take things a step at a time.


I appreciate the supportive words from both of you gentlemen!