Saturday, May 11, 2019

Fourth time's a charm.

It was at my usual Sunday shift at the crafts store this past weekend. 

So much to do, so little time. And glitter. Lots of glitter. 

I walked up to my store manager and handed him a letter. 

"I think it's time, Brian," I said. 

"Is it?" he asked. Seeming to know what the note said before reading it, he added, "Awww man." 

It was my two-weeks' notice...again. 

Mind you, I gave the arts-and-crafts store my two weeks' notice four year ago and then two times more three years ago (here and here) but something or other always kept me there. *sigh* 

Fourth time's a charm, right? 

I cited the ever-increasing workload (online orders have recently boomed) as one of the reasons to finally call it quits. I've been working three jobs for the past four years and it'd be nice to have the weekends free once and for all and just take it easy. 

I've also turned 40 at the end of last month and I made a commitment to myself to start creating art again. The extra free time will help with that goal. 

And my aunt comes over to my mom's for lunch Sunday afternoons. Now I'll get to see her much more often (instead of just during holidays). With my aunt's recent health issues, extra time spent with her is more important than any dead-end job. 

I told the crafts store I'd stay until the end of next month so they'll have seven more Sundays with me should I need to show them how to do certain things and/or help train someone else. 

I feel a sense of relief mixed with sadness but at least it's official now. 

It took a few tries but I consider it two-weeks' notice several years in the making!


naturgesetz said...

Your manager's reaction tells you how valued you are, as a worker and a person. You can take considerable satisfaction in that. Your reasons for leaving certainly make sense, and I'm looking forward to being able to bid an your artwork again.

stanw said...

Hi Dean,

So you made the big decision to quit! Sometimes it just takes time, EH!

Good to hear also that you aim to get your creative genius going again. Look forward to that...

40 years young. They do say life begins at 40! For me I think life begins each morning that I see the sunshine, putting the old stuff of yesterday behind me and pressing on. Life is to be lived, right! Like what you shared about being able to spend more time with your Aunt and Mother...something about sharing time and lovin' on others. My 98 year old Aunt lived here in town and she is such a delight.

Thanks for sharing, Dean, cheerin' you on!


Apiarist said...

Yay for you!! Time for yourself is time well spent. I'm so glad you're in a position where you can do this for yourself. Positive, positive, positive!

Michelle said...

I'm late to this post, but congratulations! This will be great for you. :)

Dean Grey said...


Yeah, that specific store manager was great and very appreciative. I stayed much longer than intended partly out of loyalty to him.

And I can't wait to create and sell my art again!! LONG overdue!



Life begins at 40? Woo-hoo! I sure hope that's true, Stan. I feel very behind on life and hopefully this coming decade is filled with WONDERFUL things.

How amazing that you have an aunt who reached 98! How many people can say that?



Thank you!!



Better late than never, girl! :)


Everyone's supportive comments are greatly appreciated!