Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wordless Wednesday - Nutella chocolate chip hearts for Valentine's Day


david said...


naturgesetz said...

They look good. I tried Nutella twice and couldn't stand it. Considering how many people like it, there must be something about my personal taste, but then lots of people dislike one thing or another that most people enjoy. And after all, I do like liver, kidneys, and tripe, which mst make up for disliking Nutella.

Anyway, I'm sure they were a big hit with the people who were lucky enough to have a chance to share them.

Dean Grey said...


Exactly. ;)



Oh, that makes total sense. Not everyone's tastes are the same. I don't really eat Nutella on its own. Usually I add it to baked goods for extra personality.


Thanks to both of you gentlemen for stopping by here!


stanw said...

Dean, those cookies look SO good, Yum Yum!


Dean Grey said...


The were easy to make and tasty too!