Saturday, August 26, 2017

Condo anniversary!!

This particular day came faster than expected. I guess one loses a sense of time when working so much. But still an important date to remember.

Today marks the one-year anniversary that I officially bought my condo!

I'm embarrassed to say I still don't have any art on the walls and am still in need of a coffee table but at least I have a place to rest and recover and call my own.

I spent most of the day being a homebody. Cooking for myself, cleaning, watching TV, and taking care of my many houseplants. What better way to honor this space than to use it, right?

 Just some of my houseplants.  :)

While I don't think this will be a place I'll live for the rest of my life, it serves its purpose for now and I'm thankful to have it. It beats renting any day!

So with that said...

Happy Anniversary, dear condo! I'm glad to own you!


naturgesetz said...

It certainly seems that getting the condo was a good thing. Congrats on the anniversary!

Hope things are going well in general.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, sir!


stanw said...

A year already: Happy Anniversary! So glad to hear you are pleased you bought the condo.


Dean Grey said...


Yes, so far so good!