Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A crafty anniversary!

I’m not sure how much of an anniversary it is now that I'm just there on Sundays, but today marks my seventh year working at the arts-and-crafts store! 

I've seen this company change and evolve over the years, mostly for the better. 

We’ve had four district managers, four store managers, and five assistant store managers come and go during my time here. I went from being the newest employee to becoming one of the senior-most members. That just seems crazy to me that I “outlived” so many managers and fellow associates.


I steadily grew into my role over the years and eventually mastered and surpassed it. Even though the job is still quite frustrating, I know I can handle it because I've been doing just that.

Time will tell how much longer I'm there but for now...

Happy Anniversary, arts-and-crafts store job!!


naturgesetz said...

I think stability is a good thing. It does not require avoidance of changing for the better; it means not changing just for the sake of changing. I think you're doing very well in that respect. You left your job with the city when you had something better to do. You've continued at the university, but with changes there. And you've stayed with the arts and crafts store, but with hours that suit your needs. You moved from the family home to an apartment you could afford, and then to the condo. Stability along with sensible changes.

Michelle said...

Lots of milestones lately. It's always fun to look back on how you've changed and grown in a position. Congrats! And lucky them!

stanw said...

Happy Anniversary, Dean!
I like that statement about gray hair being called glitter. When anyone refers to my hair now I'm gonna say that. LOL!
Have a great day...

Dean Grey said...


Sensible changes. I like that notion a lot.

You're right, I never made drastic changes but calculated ones that slowly put me where I wanted to go.

I'm certainly not where I envisioned myself but I do think I'm better off than I was a few years back.



Yes, a lot of changes for me lately!



Haha, great! Glitter RULES!!


I appreciate you three commenting here!