Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Purple couch!

These things always seem like mini milestones for some reason, even though they're probably not.

I moved into my very own condo nine months ago but besides my bed and dining room table, I didn't really have any furniture to sit on.

My previous place was a small studio so a couch never seemed necessary. Now that I own a one-bedroom, well, there's a big space in the living room begging for seating.

That's all changed though because I purchased a couch and it arrived two weeks ago!

It's my first couch. Ever. Like a proud sofa dad, I must show it off!

The walls in my condo are warm oranges and peach tones (that's how the previous owner had it) so I wanted the sofa to pop against such dominant colors.

I chose a lovely purple.

Not a Barney purple. My couch has more blue in it.

Not quite, Barney.

Almost like a Prince purple but deeper.


Here it is.....

It's a three-seater but the end has a chaise lounge built in so I can rest after a long day's work. And now if I ever have company, they'll have a place to (properly) sit.

I still don't have artwork on the walls (yet), and I feel there's still much decorating to do, but this couch will help make my place a little more like a home.


stanw said...

Good choice, Dean! Sounds like you are in a great place. Awesome! :D
Cheers, thumbs up and all!

Michelle said...

Love it! That's close to the purple color I have on my walls. :)

naturgesetz said...

That's really striking! Congrats on the forward step in home ownership!

Anonymous said...

Would look nice if the walls were grey, which would go well with that floor. Much more inviting, calm, relaxing, than clashing with the current wall color. Being an artist I'm sure you realize this.

Randuwa said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE IT! Congratulations!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, Stan!



Your purple walls sound lovely.




Why thank you, good sir!



Funny you should say that. The walls were originally gray but the previous owner painted them to be the deep orange and mustard and peach tones that they are now.

It's one of the reasons I bought the place. I LOVE color and I love how warm the space instantly feels when you walk in.

Gray walls would be waaaaaay too boring for my tastes. Color is where it's at!



Thank you, Randy!


Everyone's feedback is greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Neutral walls would allow you to add color with art, without clashing as the artwork is meant to be seen. It also allows easy change of colors when the mood strikes. Basic interior decorating principal.

Dean Grey said...


It's a good thing then that I'm not an interior design and don't have to follow those rules.

Art on top of color still works. There's the Mexican Art Museum in Pilsen (south and west of downtown Chicago) and EVERY painting they have is placed over brightly-colored walls. Very stunning--at least to me.