Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Purple couch!

These things always seem like mini milestones for some reason, even though they're probably not.

I moved into my very own condo nine months ago but besides my bed and dining room table, I didn't really have any furniture to sit on.

My previous place was a small studio so a couch never seemed necessary. Now that I own a one-bedroom, well, there's a big space in the living room begging for seating.

That's all changed though because I purchased a couch and it arrived two weeks ago!

It's my first couch. Ever. Like a proud sofa dad, I must show it off!

The walls in my condo are warm oranges and peach tones (that's how the previous owner had it) so I wanted the sofa to pop against such dominant colors.

I chose a lovely purple.

Not a Barney purple. My couch has more blue in it.

Not quite, Barney.

Almost like a Prince purple but deeper.


Here it is.....

It's a three-seater but the end has a chaise lounge built in so I can rest after a long day's work. And now if I ever have company, they'll have a place to (properly) sit.

I still don't have artwork on the walls (yet), and I feel there's still much decorating to do, but this couch will help make my place a little more like a home.