Sunday, December 11, 2016

Extension denied.

Denied tr.v. Declined to grant or allow; refused.

I knew the time would come but I was hoping for at least one more year.

Four years ago, I interviewed for a city department in Seattle. It was part of their continual recruitment process that granted those living out-of-state (such as myself) the ability to apply to their in-house openings.

I was accepted into their program and landed a couple job interviews along the way but was never picked. At the twelve-month mark I asked for an extension (the exclusive access expires after a year) and it was granted again and again…and again.

The last extension expired last month and when I asked for another extension, it was denied. I reached the maximum amount of renewals.

It was disappointing but rules are rules. They were gracious enough to let me stay in the system for as long as they have.

I'm losing the dream of being able to run away to Seattle, knowing I had a good way of landing a job there. It's that "way out" that I'm mourning.

HR told me I could reapply for the continual recruitment process when it opens up again next year so at least that's something.

Deep in my heart I still feel like I was meant to be in Seattle. But now with both of my university jobs and having recently bought my own condo, I feel like I'm bound to Chicago more than ever.

Maybe there's still something that needs to be done here before I can be free there. 

I haven't forgotten about you, dear Seattle. I hope you haven't forgotten about me either...


carlnepa said...

Sorry to learn about your denial. I had a similar experience when I wanted to move to Denver. I had interview after interview but never had an offer. I mean, they can't all be such good judges of character or lack thereof, right? Turns out, it was explained to me that there's a hesitation to hire someone from outside the area. They don't want to hear you're packed and ready to move, they don't want to hear you have a place to live. They don't want to hear your partner is there already etc. They want you there, already and I wasn't leaving my job and related benefits without having another job to go to. It was a stand off and none of us would budge. In the long run, it worked out very well that I didn't go, but I didn't know that at the time. I think it will be the same for you. There's something better in store for you, too.

naturgesetz said...

Well, if nothing turned up for you in four years, the prospects don't seem the greatest, certainly nothing to set your heart on. And you're right that your situation in Chicago has developed over the past several years. Still, it makes sense to apply again and at least make Seattle a possibility again.

Dean Grey said...


I think you're correct about living out-of-state affecting my chances but there's nothing I can do about least as of right now anyway.

And yes, I think in the long-run all will work itself out.




I had to go where the opportunity was, which ended up being here in Chicago. I definitely was being selective on openings I'd apply for in Seattle yet there also weren't many to choose from over the past few years.

But Seattle isn't going anywhere and I know I'll find my way day.


Thanks to both of you gentlemen for your thoughts on this!