Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fruits of my labor.

It's been a little over a month since I moved into my condo.

Those first few days felt very strange, like I was living somewhere new. Which I was.

But as the weeks went on, it slowly sunk in and started to feel like home. My home.

I still ask how I got this. And then I remind myself this was all possible from the years of saving up my money and working all of my jobs for so long.

That's when I say it wasn't sheer luck or chance that got me my new place. It was hard work and determination finally paying off.

I'd show you pics but I still haven't fully unpacked and not everything is where I want it. It's too cluttered looking to show off but just imagine a warm and inviting and colorful space.

In the meantime, here's some views from my windows. I overlook the lake and get to wake up to the harbor every day.

How blessed am I!

It feels AMAZING getting to enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Epilogue:  And I may have been listening to this underplayed Madonna song (loudly) several times while cooking dinner in my lovely remodeled kitchen...

Sing it, Madonna.


naturgesetz said...

Gret view. I'm looking forward to the interior pics when the place is ready for us to see.

That's a good insight. You have the place because of your hard work. You're entitled to enjoy it.

stanw said...

Dean, your new place sounds just so good and obviously you are proud to have it. Great pictures of the view you will surely enjoy. Couldn't watch the video as the notice says, "the uploader has not made this video available in your country," rats! Enjoy the unpacking and organizing and I can surely imagine it will be well organized and colourful. Congratulations and the very best to you, WOW!!


Dean Grey said...


Thank you, sir!



I'm sorry the video isn't showing up for you over there in Canada. Try looking up the song on YouTube. I'm sure someone posted just the music minus the original video.


I appreciate both of you commenting here!