Monday, September 5, 2016

Red, Gold, and Green.

When I was in the process of looking for a condo and eventually buying one, my real estate agent helped me every step of the way.

His name is David and he ROCKS!!

David explained the home-buying process so it wasn't so overwhelming to me. He kept me on schedule, made sure every line was signed, and all documents were in place (and sooooo much more).

It was such an exhausting and at times stressful past two months. I truly couldn't have done it without his help and know-how.

To show my appreciation, I gave David this painting the day my condo closed

"Red, Gold, and Green" - Acrylic on canvas - 18" x 24" (NFS)

The artwork was inspired by the classic Boy George song Karma Chameleon which has the line "Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream--red, gold, and green--red, gold, and green."

I like the restrictive nature of just using those three colors. It kept things simple.

::: Close-up detail :::

Texture medium was mixed into the paint and then applied straight onto the canvas.

::: Close-up detail :::

This is the only painting I've done all year. It felt so freeing creating it. Hopefully I can do more down the road (time permitting). For now, I'm just glad I was able to give this as a gift.

Enjoy the art, David! Thank you again for everything!!


naturgesetz said...

Wow! That's really spectacular — a very meaningful sign of your gratitude.

I hope this will get those creative juices flowing again, not only for your own satisfaction, but also so you can offer us something of yours to purchase. I notice this is significantly larger than the work you were selling several years ago. I suppose pieces this size would be harder to ship, but they'd be nice to have if you did them.

Randuwa said...

Great response to such invaluable assistance. I felt like my relator was pure gold, too! (and red and green)

Dean Grey said...


You're right, my former art pieces on eBay were much smaller. I loved doing this painting because of its size.

If I can find a way to properly ship out ones like David's painting, then I'll aim for creating and selling some more like it.

Thank you for always remembering my eBay art days! Seems like an eternity ago.



Then you know exactly what I mean, Randy!


Both of you gentlemen ROCK for commenting here!