Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Five years going on strong.

It's hard to believe it's been five years yet it does feel like a good chunk of time already. 

Today marks my fifth year working at the university night job! 

The students and staff continue to be so nice to me and my student workers have been a joy to work with...as always. 

And we organize the BEST potlucks here. There's always something to eat! 

It really does feel like a second home and my coworkers are like extended family. 

Even though the position has nothing to do with the arts, I'm honored and grateful to have it. 

Happy Anniversary, night-time university job!!

Me behind the front desk yesterday.


carlnepa said...

Art is where you find it and what you make of it, right? Life is an art, too.

naturgesetz said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I think the job has been good to have, and I still hope that it might even lead sometime to an even better job. But as long as you're paying your bills and content where you are, there's no need to long for a change. You're doing something useful, and you're appreciated for it. Who could ask for anything more in a job?

BTW, I love that pic. You're as good looking as ever!

Dean Grey said...


I suppose you're right!



Thanks! I think it's human nature to always want something more/better but I'm grateful for the job and happy to be there.

And I appreciate the compliments on the pic. I was hesitant to post it.

I think my hair looks way too short and I'm bit cross-eyed in that shot too.



Thanks to both of you gentlemen for commenting here!


Sooo-this-is-me said...

Lol, are you kidding about not liking the picture, if you were any cuter you would be a bunny!

carlnepa said...

Gentlemen?!?!? Thanks for the benefit of the doubt.

Dean Grey said...


Nope, I'm being serious. I often hate the way I look.

But I appreciate the compliments, sir.




You're quite welcome.



Thanks to the both of you for stopping by!