Monday, August 29, 2016

Not going anywhere!

I must be crazy. There's no other explanation.

I gave my two-weeks notice to the art-and-crafts store several months back, then said I'd stay for a couple months beyond that, and just recently I asked for an extension.

Even though my position has been filled, the store manger asked if I'd like to keep working just on Sundays doing the same tasks as usual.

Doesn't that defeat the whole point of me leaving though?

"Maybe you want this to be the next chapter in your life," the store manager debated, "and you want to be set free."

That sounds wonderful!!! I thought.

But I could tell he didn't want to lose me and that things would be a whole lot easier for him if I were there on the weekends to do the deposit, process rtv's (return to vendor), and finalize payroll.

He also kept my original pay rate intact, even though technically I was demoted (by giving up the position).

All that to keep me around. How could I say anything but yes?

And with my newly purchased condoit just seemed wise to retain that extra bit of income a little while longer, until I get a sense of my new monthly expenses.

At least it'll be easy to leave at any time now that my replacements are there. It'd just be a matter of one of them absorbing that Sunday shift when I'm finally gone.

Why do I keep staying? Maybe because it's familiar to me and I've known my coworkers it seems like forever. That or the glitter keeps luring me back.

Today marks six years of me working at the crafts store and for the first time EVER, I actually feel good about that.

Happy Anniversary, arts-and-crafts store!!


naturgesetz said...

Two things that make it great being there: you're free to go whenever you want, and you know that you're appreciated and liked (actually loved).

BTW, the person on the previous thread who suggested keeping track of your taxes and interest is absolutely right. Taking itemized deductions could be very good. Your state income tax also is deductible or you can take sales taxes. Also, keep track of charitable contributions and medical expenses, both insurance premiums and direct out of pocket payments.

You don't have to itemize, even if you're eligible, but if you can stand keeping the records, it can save you money when your deductions get in the neighborhood of $6,500. And if it doesn't work for you in 2016, it could very well in 2017.

Dean Grey said...


I will keep careful records for tax purposes. Thanks for the insight!