Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lost love.

It's been over four weeks since we last spoke yet it feels like an eternity.

He flew out to Chicago for a surprise visit back in June but after that he told me he didn't want to pursue a long-distance relationship anymore. That it had become too painful to see each other, only to be separated afterwards.

I think he was being realistic. With him being from a Latin country, his chances of relocating here were next to none. I guess I was the hopeful one. I thought we'd find a way down the road.

Maybe I was na├»ve in thinking love would've been enough--that I would've been enough--to keep him around. Because if I were truly someone special, he wouldn't want to let me go. 

In any case, I have to give him the space and time he asked for. 

We ended things on a very caring and loving note and I'm certain we'll always be in each other's lives in some form or another. 

For now--to help me cope--I try to pretend the last several months were just a dream. 

Here's a piece of Mail Art I made for him just after his last visit. He has a very strong connection to nature and plants (like myself). Dried leaves from my collection were the inspiration for this piece.

Leaves on backing board - 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" (Assumed LOST) 

The address side (lined with origami paper)

Close-up glitter shot! 

He seemed to be having a hard time back home and I wanted to show my support overseas and send him some love. Literally. 

Last I heard, the Mail Art never arrived. Fitting, I think, and perhaps for the best. 

Some things just aren't meant to be. 


Thank you for everything, chapin. It was nice being loved...even if for a little while.


Direwolf said...

Just look at your blog Dean. There are so many people here who love you. And though it may seem like an eternity of waiting, I'm sure the one who is willing to overcome all obstacles for you, is right around the corner. For when it is the right one, somehow being together and loving each other won't be difficult. It'll be just like a walk in the park.
So cheer up my friend. Life has wonderful things in store for you. :)

carlnepa said...

I thought the lack of updates was because you were busy with all the details about the condo. Sorry to read differently. LDR's are not for me, either. I guess I'm a romantic and I kept hearing Sinatra singing "when somebody loves you, it's no good unless he loves you all the way". Sometimes, somebody has to give in, but I was stuck with a house, a son, an ailing parent, a job with a decent salary, benefits etc. I just wouldn't let go of all of it. If any of those things mattered to him, he wouldn't have left, but he did leave and I stayed where I belong. Things worked out for the best, but the time in between is hell and seems to last forever. I'm sorry you have to go through it. Are you in the your condo, yet? That will help to keep you busy and exhausted and broke for quite some time. When you're down, turn to family or friends or your blog. You won't find what you need online, not right now anyway.

Dean Grey said...


That all sounds wonderful. I hope you're right!



I'm sorry to hear your LDR didn't work out either.

Yeah, right now I've been focusing on my condo closing and all that entails. Thankfully it's kept me (and my heart) busy and preoccupied.


Thanks to both of you for commenting here!