Sunday, July 31, 2016

Two-weeks notice almost...extended!!

Today should have been my last day at the arts-and-crafts store.

But. It's. Not.

I'm in the process of buying my first-ever condo and the mortgage lender said NOT to alter my employment status during this approval time (even though I only work there on Sundays) until after closing...which is the end of next month.


Thankfully the store manager agreed to let me continue working for the next four weeks even though my replacement already took over the position. The store manager said I stayed and helped out far longer than I planned and he wanted to "do right by me".

So the last Sunday in August should be my new last day!

*fingers crossed*

In the meantime, here's a song currently playing at the store:


naturgesetz said...

I'm glad they're doing right by you after you did right by them.

It may seem strange that you can't change your employment status, but the agreement to lend you the money is based on all the facts of your income and obligations. If your income goes down, your ability to pay goes down. So they'd have to review your financial status if something happens before the deal is finalized and they've paid the money to the seller. This may even be a government regulation.

Anyway, hang in there. The end of August will be here soon.

Randuwa said...

Good advice from the lender--welcome to the American Dream! <3

Dean Grey said...


Yeah, it all totally makes sense to me now and I see why the lenders suggested I hold onto the job a bit longer.

I'm thankful the arts-and-crafts store returned the favor (so-to-speak) and helped me out in my hour of need.



Thank you, Randy!

Here's to the American Dream!!


I appreciate both of you gentlemen chiming in here!