Monday, July 4, 2016

I never thought I could feel so free.

Given the recent turn of events, I scrambled to find someplace new to live.

I sifted through countless rental listings to no avail.

But last week I visited several condos for sale instead. I found one I really liked and, well, I bought it!

While the buying process has several more weeks--and steps to go, the initial contracts were signed over the weekend.

If the loan comes through, I should be good to go.

It's a one-bedroom in the same neighborhood I'm in now. Fully renovated with hardwood floors and the loveliest views of the lake.

The best part is the monthly mortgage payment (including taxes and fees) comes close to what I'm paying now each month in rent for my current studio.

It's all so sudden and scary and exciting at the same time.

I love how my landlord refusing to clean the radiators led to me finding something much better. I went from being frustrated and angry at the situation, then fearful, to now feeling empowered and free.

By the end of next month I'll be a property owner. Me! How cool is that!!

The lyrics to this classic TV show are exactly how I feel right now.

Perhaps this is so significant because buying a condo on a whim is so unlike me. Normally I take very safe, calculated risks...if at all. Maybe it was like me all along, I just never knew it until now.

How fitting to share this news on our nation's day of independence.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!! Here's to freedom!


rlp340 said...

Congrats Dean! Make sure to share the views ;)

naturgesetz said...

Yay! There are benefits and drawbacks to any kind of living arrangement, but this strikes me as a great bit of progress for you. You mortgage payments aren't just money down the drain, like rent because, if you ever need or want to move out you get the sale price minus what you still owe on the mortgage.

carlnepa said...

Welcome to the ranks of the eternally indebted. Interest on the condo mortgage AND real estate taxes are deductible if you have enough to itemize.
And now a word from our legal staff: Please see your tax specialist for how this might apply to your situation.

Mike said...

That is so cool!!!
A Chicago property with lake views, and being a homeowner, free to do whatever you choose. So cool!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the condo, Dean!! I hope everything works out for you. We had a somewhat similar situation when we bought our town home. The company we were renting from were offering new tenants at least $100 off their monthly rent for A YEAR?! We had been practically perfect tenants for 6 years and they weren't willing to work with us. So, we found a house! And our mortgage is cheaper than our rent (until you factor in heat lol). We wouldn't change it for anything

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while, but you know, life.... but am I GLAD I DID! A home of your OWN? An AWARD at the crafts store? Wow Wow Wow! This is your year, Dean, and finally, right? Good, good good for you. xo

Apiarist said...

Dean -

I've been reading your blog for several years, but never had anything to say until now. Congratulations! I'm so happy that what started off as a bad situation turned around into a positive for you. And yes, options & alternatives ARE freeing & liberating. So here's wishing you a belated "Independence Day!"

ilduce said...


Dean Grey said...


I'll be sure to post pics of my new place!



I couldn't agree with you more!



It's all very new to me but I'll definitely keep the tax info in mind!



Very cool indeed!



It sounds like things have worked out for you too!



Thank you! It's always wonderful hearing from a veteran blogger like yourself, Kelley!!



I love when long-time readers come out of the "woodwork" and comment on my blog.

You ROCK!!





Everyone's congratulatory comments are greatly appreciated!


Randuwa said...

It's how life has always worked for me, Dean. Out of no where special there is goodness. I am so happy for you!

Direwolf said...

Congrats Dean! Your stories always cheer me no matter how bad a funk I'm in. :)

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate that, sir!



It makes me smile reading that!


Thanks to the pair of you for stopping by!