Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Two-weeks notice…almost!

The letter was carefully typed and phrased as professionally as possible. I thanked the crafts store for the opportunity but told them it was time for me to finally move on. 

It was my two-weeks notice!

When I got to work that morning, I didn't have the heart to give my resignation letter.

Our store manager of three years got transferred to another location last month. The replacement store manager is relatively new and the assistant store manager (whom I really enjoy working with) joined our team last year. 

I didn't want to leave them both hanging. The girl covering my position during the week is on medical leave until the summer. 


I told the new store manager I intended to leave last year when I got the call center (university) job but ended up staying (something always seemed to come up). The new store manager understood and said he'd start looking for my replacement so that I could be "set free". 

While I'll be sad to leave my coworkers, it would be nice--no wonderful--to have my weekends completely free (I've worked just about every Sunday for almost six years). 

Come this July, I should be done with the arts-and-crafts store once and for all!


carlnepa said...

It's hard to leave a place at which you're comfortable. My husbear worked two jobs since before I met him. He teaches during the day and at a technical school evenings and/or Saturdays depending on the schedule.
He was not full time at the day job. It's over 3 years past the year he was promised he'd be full time. I've seen him go from 60% fulltime to 70% fulltime to 82 + some goofy fraction. Well,the gods of education have smiled upon him. We're waiting for confirmation that he is officially fulltime this Fall. He seems very happy about not having to work 2 jobs, anymore, but I'm ready for when he says he misses the second job. I bet he'll keep his fingers in by offering to teach as a sub or during the summer.
It's good to see that your life has moved on from the store. I know it's tough to say good-bye, but I hope better things are in store for you.

naturgesetz said...

It was very good of you to handle it that way. You're really a good guy.

Congrats on your approaching Sunday freedom.

Michelle said...

This is a huge deal! You've wanted this for a long time. Just think of all you've accomplished...moving out on your own, landing a good job, quitting the weekend job, flowers from a gent... Maybe you'll have more time for your art!

Here's to many more good things coming your way!

Dean Grey said...


Congrats to your husbear on finally making it full-time!



Thank you, sir!



Yes, a lot of things have changed in my life over these past couple of years.


I appreciate all of you commenting here!