Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A year on the phones.

It doesn't feel like twelve months have gone by. Time really flew!

Today marks my one-year anniversary working at the university call center!

Perhaps it's because I had such a long training period that it doesn't seem like a full year. And maybe it's just the repetitive nature of the job itself.

I've never talked about this particular part-time position all that much. Answering phone calls everyday about the same things and working with the same group of people. There's really not much to tell.

But the job itself is relatively relaxed, not too difficult, and my coworkers and I get along well.

The most notable part of working in the call center is that I have my first ever cubicle!

I remember when I first started, the lead agent told me I could decorate my space any way I wanted.

So on this milestone, I thought it'd be cute to show you my little home away from home.

As you can see, my cubicle is filled with color and plants and things that make me smile...

It may not be art-related but I'm still grateful to have this job and to be working for this department.

Happy Anniversary, University Call Center job!!


naturgesetz said...

Seeing the pictures of your cubicle with the things that make you smile makes me smile too.

carlnepa said...

Very nice cube. It's colorful and uncluttered. I have 4 personal pictures on my desk and the rest is work related clutter and dust.
Since I'm retiring in less than a year, I hold back from getting too attached to it. I'm on the long slide down.

stanw said...


Congratulations on your first year there. You do indeed have a very neat, well organized, colourful and pleasant workspace. Love the big smiley face, plants, neat posties and even Wonder Woman (nice touch), etc. "Today is going to be awesome!" indeed. You are awesome, do you feel it? ;)


Dean Grey said...





I always try to keep my cubicle organized. When I need to find a piece of info at a moment's notice for a certain call, I can't waste valuable time looking for something at my workspace.

Plus I'm naturally a neat-freak by nature.



Stan, I try to sneak in Wonder Woman everywhere I can!


I appreciate you three gentlemen chiming in here!


Michelle said...

I just had to come back to this one and let you know that you inspired me to liven up my cubicle at work! It had a few personal touches, but was a little dull, so I've added a lot of color, pop culture, personal travel photos and things that make me happy in general. Thanks for the inspiration!

P.S. That Wonder Woman figure is everything.

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad this blogpost inspired you!

I think of my workspace as an extension of my home, so why not make it personal and comforting (so long as it's work compliant)?

Make sure you add a houseplant or two as well!


P.S.: And that's a vintage Wonder Woman statue I got back in the 90's from my local comic shop.


Michelle said...

Awesome! I do, indeed, love Wonder Woman. :)

Dean Grey said...


Wonder Woman RULES!!