Saturday, April 30, 2016

Not worth celebrating.

This day always brings me down.

Another year older and still not where I want to be in life.

Growing up, I'd dream of drawing and painting and writing for a living. Being successful at it and traveling the world because of it.

I'm not even close to having that. At all.

I have to work all the time, I'm worn out every day, and more often than not, I'm unhappy.

So turning 37 today doesn't seem all that exciting to me.

I decided to go home to my family because I didn't want to be alone today.

My mom had gotten me a cake and even though I don't celebrate my birthdays, I see the importance of it to my family, so I fake a smile here and there and go with the flow. It'll be over soon enough.

One day I hope to have a life worth celebrating. 

Happy Birthday anyway, dear Dean.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


I kept smiling the rest of the day when I found out the news. 

Last week, one of my student workers at the university I work for nominated me for supervisor of the year!! 

Here's an excerpt from her submission: 

"I began working with Dean in early September 2015 and felt a bit overwhelmed by all I needed to learn. I remember my first day in this position quite vividly for the fact that Dean went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and welcome.

He goes above and beyond in everything he does and I can honestly say Dean is dedicated to this institution. 

Even though he holds a higher position than his student workers, he never makes us feel as such. Throughout my time working with Dean, I have come to realize what a caring person he is. He takes leadership in planning events such as our annual potluck and ensures that everyone is included in these celebrations. 

It's due to these meaningful actions that Dean is the ideal candidate for the Supervisor of the Year award." 

Out of all the departments within the university, only 27 supervisors were chosen (me being one of them). 

Although I didn't win, it felt great to be nominated and represent my department. 

After (almost) five years of working there, I admit to feeling a bit disconnected and unappreciated at times. 

This welcome news has helped recharge my spirits and show me that I do have an impact at work, even if I don't always think so. 

So thank you for nominating me, Araceli! You ROCK!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Opening Night!

It all goes downhill from here. 

Drunkenness, debauchery, defeat--spreading across the North Side like a red and blue plague. 

Today is doomsday a.k.a. the home opener for the Chicago Cubs! 

I live about five blocks away from enemy territory (Wrigley Field). Originally from the South Side, I moved to Lakeview last fall. By that point though, the Cubs were losing the tail-end of the baseball season (naturally). 

Now I'll be experiencing all of it right from the start of the this year's season...and I'm not happy about it. 

I'll have to plan my errands and grocery trips and commutes around game days to avoid the DCF's (Drunk Cubs Fans) as best as possible. 

I walked over to Wrigley Field last night, taking pictures of its imposing stadium all aglow. 

Even though there were a couple of drunks being belligerent outside a bar right across the street (again, naturally), there was no denying the energy there. 

There's something exciting being so close to the action. It's going to be a very long and painful six months for me but I look forward to watching the Cubs lose practically from my doorstep. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A year on the phones.

It doesn't feel like twelve months have gone by. Time really flew!

Today marks my one-year anniversary working at the university call center!

Perhaps it's because I had such a long training period that it doesn't seem like a full year. And maybe it's just the repetitive nature of the job itself.

I've never talked about this particular part-time position all that much. Answering phone calls everyday about the same things and working with the same group of people. There's really not much to tell.

But the job itself is relatively relaxed, not too difficult, and my coworkers and I get along well.

The most notable part of working in the call center is that I have my first ever cubicle!

I remember when I first started, the lead agent told me I could decorate my space any way I wanted.

So on this milestone, I thought it'd be cute to show you my little home away from home.

As you can see, my cubicle is filled with color and plants and things that make me smile...

It may not be art-related but I'm still grateful to have this job and to be working for this department.

Happy Anniversary, University Call Center job!!