Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keeping up!

It started out innocently enough.

An episode here. An episode there.

It annoyed me at first. What a staged show with stupid, vapid girls, I thought.

But after one evening of binge-watching almost an entire season, I was hooked. I was changed forever…in ways I can’t describe and probably don’t even understand.

And it’s all because of one famous family.

The Kardashians!

My family never had cable in the later years of me living at home. I missed out on many shows (like this one) that weren’t on regular TV. But now that I moved into my own place last fall, cable was included in the internet package.

I recently discovered Keeping up with the Kardashians and began watching the latest season first (since that’s what was being shown) but now they’ve been rerunning the first season as well so I’ve been watching it all from the beginning.

I’ve become obsessed. Addicted.

It’s a drug that won’t let me be, like cocaine…or rather, Kim-caine.

When Kim hurts, I hurt.

The more episodes I watch, the more I get sucked in, and the more questions I have.

Why did Kourtney have three children with Scott when he’s caused so much chaos in their lives?

Will Khloé ever get back with Lamar?

How does DASH stay in business when it never has a customer in its store? Ever.

Why are the girls always so mean to Kris?

This is what consumes my long workdays and my dateless nights.

I’ve even watched few of Kylie’s make-up tutorials on YouTube when I need a quick "K-fix".

And now there’s this little voice in my head that says, “You look gorge” when seeing someone fashionable and “Bible” when I’m telling the truth.

I don’t know what to do. I think I need rehab… I mean, K-hab!


carlnepa said...

I have never watched it or paid any attention to what any of them do or say, especially Cait or Kat or Clit or whatever her name is nowadays. I can't avoid them, because they're all over the media and the internet, but I don't have to support them and I don't have to like or care about them. You're entitled to watch and enjoy whatever you like. If you like them so much, there must be some entertainment value there that I just don't see. Regardless, I'll stick with reruns of Lost in Space, the only show I record for later viewing.

naturgesetz said...


Well, I've never seen it, but I suppose there are worse things to watch. So, enjoy.

Dean Grey said...


I totally felt the same way you did in the beginning but after watching enough episodes I kind of fell in love with the show and the Kardashian family.

Oh, and I watch I Am Cait as well. Such a fascinating show that represents the part of the LGBT community that gets very little recognition.





Thanks to both of you gentlemen for stopping by!


carlnepa said...

Gentleman?!?!??! Who came in???? As the Stooges said.

re: Cait Jenner I can't get past the connection to the publicity loving family and her conservative political views. But, it has brought attention to the trans part of the LGBT family so that's good for all of us.

Dean Grey said...


Yes, "gentleman". :)

I agree that Cait's political views aren't for everyone but that's the beauty of the show. If you watch "I Am Cait" you'll note that Caitlin's friends do NOT share her same political viewpoints (they often fight over it).

It's her supporting cast that make for a very eye-opening and touching look into the trans-world.

I highly recommend watching an episode or two!