Friday, February 12, 2016

Asha's art.

I almost stepped on it while walking back to my place the other day.

Warped, wrinkled, and torn. It looked like a piece of trash.

Then I saw the color--and found this...

Notice the handprint at the top-right corner.

A toddler's artwork, brought to life with blue and purple fingerpaints. There's even a hint of glitter on it!

The other side (12" x 17").

It had been trampled on and God knows what else but I felt compelled to take it with me. To save it from the elements. To give it a home.

There's a child named Asha and their art now hangs on my wall.


jason said...

Very sweet :)

naturgesetz said...

You're wonderful!

Dean Grey said...





Thank you, sir.


I appreciate both of you gentlemen commenting here.


carlnepa said...

I'm glad you picked it up and took it home with you. I would have done the same thing and hung on the refrigerator.
ps My son is finishing his bachelor's now and is taking courses in finger painting and black and white movies. That's what I call them. I also I think there's s cellular microbiology something or other in there, too. Anyway, he sent me some pics of his painting and I told him I want one to have it framed to hang it somewhere in the house. So, grade school or grad school, a parent is always proud of whatever the little ones create.

Dean Grey said...


That's wonderful. I'm sure your son appreciates your support.