Thursday, December 24, 2015

Kiss the moonlight.

The moon locked eyes with mine. Its light called to me the way lovers do. The blackness of the water glittered like a jewel.

How gorgeous.

After running errands this evening, I walked over to the lakefront to escape the commotion of the city (now that I live across the street from the lake).

The (almost) full moon hovered over the water...

These pictures do NOT do it justice!

In my entire neighborhood, I was the only there.

It reminds me that people's priorities are skewed. How sad that no one else cared about something so beautiful.

It also reminded me I had no one to share it with.

As the waves hit the shore in silky laps, I knew I could slip into the water and let the current take me under and no one would know. There's something so lovely about that.

I stayed there a good forty minutes but when the oncoming clouds devoured the moon, I headed back to my apartment.

Even though the moment was tinged with sadness, the beauty of the scene surpassed it. I thanked God as I left for I was truly blessed to kiss the moonlight.


naturgesetz said...

The pictures may not do the scene justice, but they are very evocative. The mood they convey may be a bit different from how it was in real life, but they're fascinating.

It was too bad not to be able to share the beauty with someone else, even someone from the neighborhood, but at least you got to share it with us and with God.

Merry Christmas, dear Dean, and a truly Happy New Year.

jason said...

Beautiful photos!
Wishing you a merry Christmas up there!

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad the pictures helped depict what I saw and felt that night.



Thank you, sir!


Happy holidays to both of you gentlemen!