Thursday, November 26, 2015

In my bed.

The last time I had a bed to sleep in was during my sophomore year of high school.

Ever since then I've slept on a couch, a sofa bed, and yes, on the floor at home. I'd never sleep well under those conditions, often waking up every few hours to change sides--at times getting bruised on my hips.

It's hard to imagine over half of my life sleeping that way but that's the way it was…until now.

I bought myself a queen size bed!

It was delivered to my new apartment over the weekend.

It's one of the things I always longed for when I was finally on my own.

I slept in my bed for the first time the night it was delivered. It felt luxurious and comfortable and dare I say, sensual.

I bought plush pillows and expensive bedsheets. It almost felt too extravagant and I had the notion of sleeping on the floor again.

But as I sunk into the softness, I told myself I was worth it and deserved this bed!

So on this day of giving thanks, I'm grateful to finally have a bed to sleep in. For that I'm truly blessed. May all of you be as blessed as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


PuzzleTM said...

A good night sleep is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, Sir. :)
And I'm biting my tongue to refrain myself from any other comment. :)

jason said...

A bed is the most important thing in a home, I think! :)
I'm so glad you have one now.
Happy Thanksgiving!

naturgesetz said...

And Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Dean.

That's great about the bed. You certainly are worth it. Sleep well.

Mike said...

WOW... that long without a bed of your own? :::Hug::: Sleep well, my friend!!!

Dean Grey said...

Puzz TM!

Yes, a good night's sleep is a wonderful thing!



Thank you!



I appreciate that!



Yes, it's been a LONG time since I had my own bed!


Thanks to all of you gentlemen for stopping by!


carlnepa said...

I'm shocked about how you've had to sleep. Everyone sleeps to their own tastes, like everything else, but it must be at least a queen size bed for us. Two guys over 6' tall just do not lay well in a full size bed.
A long time ago I had a King size. You could have had the high school football team in it and still not touched toes, well so I thought anyway. My ex took it. I hope he lost his ring in it and still hasn't found it. Never again for a King size because it's a beotch to move, anyway.
Congratulations and happy dreams and may you and perhaps a very lucky guy of your choosing enjoy the comfort and luxury of a new mattress and sheets. You certainly deserve it!

Dean Grey said...


It was very hard sleeping under those conditions, metaphorically and literally!

But a king-size mattress does sound amazing! Maybe one day I'll get to experience that as well.