Monday, October 5, 2015

One month down!

There have been challenges and moments of frustration. Times when I didn't know what I was doing or what to do next. Having to figure it out and go through it all by myself.

But the freedom and independence make it worth it.

It's been exactly a month since I moved out on my own.

The newness of it all is slowly wearing off yet it still feels so new to me.

The commute to and from work has been a breeze, I'm enjoying having my own space, and I've been going to the lake as often as possible (now that I live across the street from it).

I still get overwhelmed and nervous and lonely and still don't have a couch or a bed to sleep on but I will manage.

Little by little it's coming together. I don't know what the end result will be but I look forward to experiencing it firsthand.

And I may or may not have been dancing to this song at my new place…


Mike said...

Keep posting photos of your new place!!! Loved the view the first time around. Can't wait to see it in rain and snow... lol... I'm thinking winter already!!!

K.C. said...

From the sounds of it, you're getting into your golden groove! I believe that once we become aware of our free will, utilize it, and make a space for ourselves, everything else naturally falls into place.

Congrats on getting a place on your own! That's really awesome that you were able to find a place just right across from the lake. The sunrise over the lake is definitely a sight that will never get old.


carlnepa said...

No pictures?????

Dean Grey said...


I'd like to show pics of my new place but I don't really have much furniture yet. I feel like it's just one big empty room and not much to see at this point.




Golden groove? Could be, Kenny!



See my comment to Mike up above.

I'll post pics of my new place once I get it somewhat decorated and furnished. Who wants to see photos of an empty room!


Thanks to the three of you for stopping by!


David K Small, artist said...

Photos of an empty room are the Before images - yes we want to see, and wtch it evolve !

Dean Grey said...


I'll see what I can do then!