Monday, September 7, 2015

Someplace of my own.

There was this mix of trepidation and excitement in me.

I didn't know how to feel but I knew I finally made it.

I moved into my studio apartment over the weekend!

My time was mostly spent buying the necessities:  groceries, dishes, pots, pans, towels, etc.. I made several trips to the grocery store, went to Target twice, and even made a quick pick-up downtown.

Thankfully I was able to buy some of the previous tenant's furniture so that helped the place not feel so bare.

And I keep telling myself I just moved in and that it's okay if it takes a while to get settled.

For right now I'm just enjoying getting to pee with the bathroom door open--how liberating!

And the location and the independence…and finally having someplace of my own.

The view from my window--the lake to the right. Sigh.


Mike said...

Fantastic view!!! Jealous!!!

naturgesetz said...

Congratulations, Dean. That's a view people would pay a lot for. And not having to close the bathroom door ( or wear clothes) feels very liberated.

It's good to have some room to add just the right piece of furniture or decoration when you come across it.

PuzzleTM said...

Dean, this is amazing! You fully deserve it, I'm so happy for you! And, by the way, that's a great view to have out the window, it almost looks like you've been "charmed" ;)

carlnepa said...

Yay for you!!!!! IT's a great feeling to have your own place, your own space to decorate your way with your things. Here's my advice: Homes abhor a vacumn. In other words, people aka family will think they can offload their unwanted crap on you because you have a new place and need to fill it. I have started to throw out stuff (from the in laws) that I haven't asked for or that we don't need. Hubby is disinclined to do it so I will. How many dutch ovens can two people use, right????

Randuwa said...

Congratulations! I love the view. I am so happy for you, my generous friend.

Mind Of Mine said...

I guess we have both had moves to recently! :)

I know what you will say about mine! But focus on how positive yours is.

I hope you are very happy there.

LightChaser said...


Dean Grey said...


It makes me smile every time I look out my window.



I'm pretty high up so my view reminds me that of a hotel room.

And yes, I can't wait to decorate my space with art and color!


Puzz TM!

Charmed? Maybe so!



Thanks for the advice, although I could use a Dutch oven!



I appreciate that, Randy!


Mind Of Mine!

I feel happier after the move, Ian. And congrats on your move too!





Thanks to all of you gentlemen for chiming in here!


stanw said...

Great view from your window, WOW!

I like your pee comment, I know what you mean. I don't think I have ever actually closed the door when I was in my bathroom. Don't know how significant that is but I like it.

Dean Grey said...


LOL, I'm glad we share the same viewpoints on peeing.