Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue Dime!

Here we go again.

While doing the deposit at the crafts store over the weekend, I came across another painted coin.

This time it was a dime and it was painted blue.

The glaze was thin enough where the silver still came through, giving the blue's appearance a lovely metallic quality.

I wonder if I'll find any other colorful coins at work.

Painted money RULES!!


naturgesetz said...


Two painted coins, both turning up at the craft store: coincidence, or are craft store customers more likely to be in situations where there are painted coins?

A yellow coin and a blue coin — the colors of the Swedish flag: is there a Swede in Chicago whose patriotism is expressed by painting coins blue and yellow?

Dean Grey said...


A Swede painting all those coins?

You could be onto something there!



Randuwa2 said...

An amazing need to visit DC and see his memorial. It's one of my favorites.

Dean Grey said...


I bet the memorial is lovely, Randy.