Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yellow Quarter!

It popped among the everyday pennies and nickels and dimes.

A quarter with the heads-side painted yellow!

I discovered it at work while finalizing this morning's bank deposit for the crafts store.

I felt compelled to take it and swapped one of my own quarters for the sun-colored one.

I love the way the letters and profile are (for the most part) visible with only the background painted. It almost looks like it was created that way.

Who knew 25 cents could have such an impact!


naturgesetz said...

Fascinating. One wonders why somebody painted it like that. Clearly it's a keeper.

Michelle said...

Love, love, love the way you look at the world, Dean--always seeing beauty. You help me remember to look for it, too.

Randuwa said...

Yellow is my favorite color.... It's a good omen.

Roland Halbritter said...

Hello Dean

still no mail art from my next call, maybe of interest.



R. Burnett Baker said...

Hi Dean! Haven't visited you or any other blogs for so long now...mostly posting my photographs/epigrams and poetry on FB. I still post on my blog, but not as often. Your yellow quarter is great! It is one of those odd, unexpected things that I encourage people to look for every day. Especially when all eyes are glued to cell phones, iPads, and iWads! Glad to see you're still here! Cheers! -Rick

Dean Grey said...


I wondered that too!






It was my lucky day then, Randy. Woo-hoo!



I'm sorry about that, sir. With work and all, I just have not created much art at all this year.




I'm always happy to see you here!


Thanks to all of you for stopping by!


Unknown said...

Looked up yellow quarter on Google, didn't expect to find anything, just came across one just like it today!

Dean Grey said...


What the what?

You found a yellow quarter like the one I posted about?

I'm sure whoever was painting them did a whole bunch at once. There's probably more to be found.


Anonymous said...

I found one too! it’s so cool!

Dean Grey said...


Oh, that's great! Painted money is a fun find.


Unknown said...

I also found one . Same story ! I saw a yellow quarter in my drawer at work today and swapped it out for a regular quarter. Here I am googling yellow quarter to find this 😂 pretty cool lol !

Dean Grey said...


What the what?

If this keeps up, we may have to start a Yellow Quarter club.