Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wearing Jesus.

It only cost me a few dollars online but it's one of the most important purchases I've made.

A simple wooden cross to wear around my neck at work.

Normally I don't wear jewelry at all so it felt odd putting it on for the first time yet it felt so right.

So much has been coming at me lately. The training period at my new job (university call center) came to a close three weeks ago and now I answer the phones myself. Add dating drama to the mix (or rather, lack thereof) and it's just been a stressful and draining time.

I find myself pressing the crucifix to my chest during those overwhelming or sad moments. A reminder when I'm discouraged by life and feeling alone that at least God is with me.

So far I've only been wearing it at my university job(s) and on days I need it most.

And it has become a bit of an announcement to all who see it that I try to keep God close.


PuzzleTM said...

Seeing this cross reminded me of your JP. I imagined a pendant made of a well rounded red mahogany cross mounted in the JP.

naturgesetz said...

This is great! It is so true that God is always with you, and it is good that you've decided to give yourself a tangible reminder of that fact.

In the Catholic Church, recent Popes have been calling for a "new evangelization," which involves us all being open about our faith, and that is just what you are doing. Good for you!

I can well imagine that answering the phone at the call center could be stressful — people who have big problems, people who have questions you can't answer, people who have a terrible attitude.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Just you wear it outside like in the pic or inside your shirt when at work etc? No matter either way. Whatever helps you get through things is great. Me, I bite my nails and pluck at my motley beard. Nothing against God or Jeebus, just against people who think they know what the trinity means by this or that word or what's been whispered in their ear etc. Anything looks good on you.

MartininBroda said...

This news came rather unexpectedly. I'm a lazy & not persistent enough reader & I feel sorry for that, but (!) I hope and pray that it works for you and the salvation of your soul and your heart.

Dean Grey said...

Puzz TM!

I picked the simplest of crosses to wear. I didn't want it to be flashy or showy. That would defeat its purpose.



Thank you, sir!



I wear the cross how it's shown in the picture (outside of my shirt). And I wear it out during my lunch-break in between jobs as well.

It's been interesting catching people look at the cross and what their reaction is.



Better late than never!


I appreciate you gentlemen sharing your thoughts on this!


stanw said...

Dean, a great testimonial to your awareness that God is always with you and you can turn to him at any time. That has been my experience over and over and got me through many rough times when things tended to look hopeless or at least blurry. I have learned to trust Him. Cheering for you my friend.


Dean Grey said...


Thank you, sir!