Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yellow Quarter!

It popped among the everyday pennies and nickels and dimes.

A quarter with the heads-side painted yellow!

I discovered it at work while finalizing this morning's bank deposit for the crafts store.

I felt compelled to take it and swapped one of my own quarters for the sun-colored one.

I love the way the letters and profile are (for the most part) visible with only the background painted. It almost looks like it was created that way.

Who knew 25 cents could have such an impact!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wearing Jesus.

It only cost me a few dollars online but it's one of the most important purchases I've made.

A simple wooden cross to wear around my neck at work.

Normally I don't wear jewelry at all so it felt odd putting it on for the first time yet it felt so right.

So much has been coming at me lately. The training period at my new job (university call center) came to a close three weeks ago and now I answer the phones myself. Add dating drama to the mix (or rather, lack thereof) and it's just been a stressful and draining time.

I find myself pressing the crucifix to my chest during those overwhelming or sad moments. A reminder when I'm discouraged by life and feeling alone that at least God is with me.

So far I've only been wearing it at my university job(s) and on days I need it most.

And it has become a bit of an announcement to all who see it that I try to keep God close.