Sunday, May 3, 2015

Without me there.

After over a year of waiting, our store was finally audited last week…and we passed!

When I heard the news I was happy for my store manager and assistant store manager. They were determined not to fail (their jobs being on the line).

A part of me felt like I missed out though. Because of my new job, I only work at the crafts store on Sundays now, and wasn't there when the auditor showed up.

Originally my role assisted in making the store audit compliant. Now I only do a fraction of that.

And here the store did just fine without me there.

I wonder if I make much of a difference one day a week. Am I really vital to the store anymore? I no longer think so.

As I become more immersed with the new job and my new coworkers, I'm slowly feeling a disconnect with the crafts store.

I used to say that nothing stays the same or lasts forever in retail.

In time, that'll even include me.


LightChaser said...

You should use that Sunday for your own art!

Dean Grey said...


Not just yet, Dave, but perhaps one day down the road.


Randuwa said...

Congratulations. You are no less a part of the whole success there. You've been a part of it for a long time now.

Dean Grey said...


Well that's true. I've been at the crafts store for almost five years now.