Sunday, May 10, 2015


Growing up, me and my brothers took her for granted, took advantage of her, and at times treated her poorly.

At one point she was working three jobs yet still managed to make dinner, clean the house, and do our laundry when she got home...without complaint. I don't know how she did it back then but she did.

It wasn't until I started working in my 20's that I realized how much my mom did for us--and still does.

As an adult, I try to be a good, responsible son and want to make her proud of me.

Here are the flowers I got her today for Mother's Day…

I took a standard bouquet and mixed in a dozen yellow roses (her favorite).

One day I hope to give her so much more than that. For where would we be without our mothers?

Happy Mother's Day to everyone's mom!!


jason said...

beautiful! :)

naturgesetz said...

A thoughtful post, and a thoughtful gesture with the flowers.

Randuwa said...

You're a good son. That means a lot--to your mom now, and someday to you.

Dean Grey said...





Flowers make everything better!



Thank you, sir!


I appreciate you three gentlemen stopping by!