Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dancing at the grocery store!

The rhythm caught my ears. My feet seemed to shuffle on their own with the beat. My thighs dropped down then back up. Compelled to move, I found myself "almost-dancing" at the grocery store!

Normally this happens when I'm working at the crafts store but this time it was while shopping at the supermarket--in the cookie aisle.

The song on the overhead speakers sounded like house music from the 90's but it's relatively new. I liked it so much that I bought the CD online when I got home.

Here it is. Listen to it and honestly tell me you wouldn't be twerking too while buying Oreo cookies.. :)


Anonymous said...

If I tried twerking, I'd need the jaws of life to help me get out of it. I certainly admire when others can do it, though, beside the Cyrus clown.

Dean Grey said...