Sunday, April 19, 2015


Sorry everyone for not posting here but these past couple of weeks kicked my butt.

The new university job has been exhausting. Soooo much to learn and memorize. The person training me even commented I looked tired…a few times.

And I recently had two unsuccessful dates with two different men.


Just a very disappointing and draining time right now.

I'm hoping things fall into place soon and it'll all come together in the weeks ahead.

How have all of YOU been???


naturgesetz said...

Well, I guess it's good to be busy. Too bad the dates didn't work out, but don't give up.

How have I been? Not bad at all. Health seems good. Daily/weekly routine is good. Nothing spectacular happening. I need to replace the exhaust system on my car so it can pass a long-overdue inspection, but I keep procrastinating. Keeping afloat financially somehow (Probably by using credit cards too much.)

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you're doing relatively well, sir!