Thursday, April 30, 2015


Something was up when I got to work. I just didn't know what exactly.

Today is my 36th birthday and my coworkers at my university job threw me a party! There was pizza and snacks and pop and delicious cake…chocolate cake!!

The wall in the back office at work.

I was overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness--all for me.

Even my student workers brought stuff in, saying I'm always bringing stuff in for them.

My face hurt from smiling so much.

Today made me feel like I was someone SPECIAL and I haven't felt like that in the longest time.

Thank God for my coworkers. I am truly blessed to have them.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Sorry everyone for not posting here but these past couple of weeks kicked my butt.

The new university job has been exhausting. Soooo much to learn and memorize. The person training me even commented I looked tired…a few times.

And I recently had two unsuccessful dates with two different men.


Just a very disappointing and draining time right now.

I'm hoping things fall into place soon and it'll all come together in the weeks ahead.

How have all of YOU been???