Sunday, March 22, 2015

Two becomes three…again.

I've waited a LONG time for something better and it finally happened.

I got a new part-time job!

It's in another department of the university I already work for. The afternoon shift. Perfect because I can work the new job and literally take one floor down to my night-shift at the second job (I'm allowed to work in two different departments).

The best part is, because both jobs total 40 hours, I'll now qualify for benefits!

And of course, I can finally say goodbye to the crafts store once and for all…sort of.

I gave my two-weeks notice last Friday but the store manager asked if I'd work just on Sundays to complete the time edits for payroll.

The university jobs are both Monday-Friday so it wouldn't conflict with anything and I think the store manager likes the idea of me being around so I can train my replacement and help troubleshoot should they run into problems.

As much as that job frustrates me, I've worked at the crafts store for almost five years. It's hard to let it go and all the people I've come to know along the way.

So in two weeks I'll be working three jobs. I've done it before--I know I can do it again.


naturgesetz said...

That sounds really good: 40 hours a week with one employer, with all that means; and a very limited side job giving you a bit more money and keeping you in touch with some people you like. Maybe there will come a time when you don't want to keep the craft store job and have the day free — maybe if you get pay raises at the university. But for now this sounds like a great situation.


jason said...

I'm very glad to hear you'll be getting benefits! That's good news.
But I just hope you don't work yourself too hard.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Big changes. And positive changes as well! Here's hoping that this is the start of a good time your life; both professional and personal.

Michelle said...

This is great news! Congrats!

Mike said...

Congrats on benefits, that's huge!!!

PuzzleTM said...

Hey, no more "exploding doughnuts". ;) And so we witnessed the title of the blog becoming obsolete...
Hope you'll love it in the new workplace!

Mind Of Mine said...

Hi Dean,

I hope you are well and I am glad to hear things have improved for you. I haven't been ignoring you but sometimes I get the notifcations of the G Chat weeks after you have sent the message.

Dean Grey said...


More money is a GOOD thing. And yeah, I'm seeing how the one-day-a-week thing goes at the crafts store.

If I feel it's too much, then I can give my two-weeks notice.



It's going to be a lot of work but I'm ready for it!



"Here's hoping that this is the start of a good time your life; both professional and personal."

*fingers crossed*






I didn't find out I qualified for benefits until after I accepted the job. It was an added bonus!


Puzz TM!

Well, if the new position doesn't lead to anything down the road, then the "Exploding Doughnut" scenario still holds true.

Time will tell, sir.


Mind Of Mine!

I miss chatting with you, Ian!


Everyone's congratulatory comments mean a lot!


stanw said...

Good news, Dean, and benefits as well (that is a plus indeed)! Always good to have encouraging things happen, EH.

Dean Grey said...


Yes sir!