Saturday, February 14, 2015

Vacuuming on Valentine's Day.

I asked several of my coworkers what their plans were for Valentine's Day.

All of them said spending the day with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

When they asked me in return, I replied, "Vacuuming at home."

Sadly, that's the truth.

Even though Valentine's Day can be hard for those of us who are single, I'm still very happy for the people who do have someone to love and be in love with.

They are truly blessed in that way.

I hope to be so lucky.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


naturgesetz said...

My St. Valentine's Day was equally unspectacular, except that Mark H., who has visited me a few times, tweeted that I should have something passionate for dinner. I asked if left over flank steak would do — or else a green salad with TOMATO. He said he could feel the passion. LOL

It's probably a good idea not to do anything special for St. Valentine's if you're not going to be with somebody special. It would only emphasize that you're alone. This is different from every other holiday, where it's probably a good idea to have your own little celebration if you're not with other people, because the point of those days isn't romance.

Well, as you say, there's always the future, with its possibilities. As someone said, "The future lies ahead." (A site for quotes attributes it to Pat Paulsen, but I think it may have first been said by some politician a generation or two earlier.)

Joey said...

Hang in there, my friend. The right one for you could be just around the corner. Happy Valentine's Day!

PuzzleTM said...

Happy Valentine to you too "vacuuming boy"! :) I hope after vacuuming you've found some time to work on the Shared Journal. I'm looking forward for the next page. :)

Dean Grey said...


I agree with you about this holiday being best spent alone if not dating anyone.

I baked and cooked for my family on Valentine's Day.

I figured if I didn't have anyone special in my life to give my love/attention to, that I'd give it to my family instead.



With each passing year, it's hard to remain hopeful about love.

I'm not getting any younger and my options seem to keep dwindling.



Puzz TM!

David K. Small currently has the Shared Journal. I can't work on it until he finishes his entry and it's back in my possession. :)


Thanks to the three of you gentlemen for stopping by!


Randuwa said...

Your lover will find you in a clean home--that's sweet.

Dean Grey said...


Haven't found a lover yet!