Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shared Journal--the beginning.

I just went along with it. It was all his idea.

Fellow artist, David K. Small and I started a Shared Journal!

A journal we'd each add to and then mail back to one another once our page(s) was finished. Back and forth until the journal was completed.

David thought it was a good way for both of us to draw and paint more. And I like to think we'd feed off each other's creativity.

This is the sketch book that was purchased:

(Bee Paper - Aquabee, spiral-bound, mixed media - 9" X 9")

And here's the cover after I added texture medium and then David painted it…..

Love that stylized "D", David!

Here are several of David's entries so far--mine will be in a separate post:

::: Inside flap :::

::: Page 4 :::

::: Page 5 :::

There are no real rules we're following in terms of medium or subject matter, so it'll be interesting what we come up with along the way.

It's been hard giving up control knowing someone else will want to do things their way (I'm argumentative and stubborn…sometimes). But I guess that's the whole point. Letting go and creating something amazing--together.

Let's go for it, smallville!

[To see more of David's artwork, art quilts, acrylic paintings, and MORE, be sure to follow his facebook page. And don't miss out on his art giveaways there either!]


Mike said...

What a fun idea!!!

Unknown said...

Shared art journal - that's an interesting collaborate concept. I like David's work and look forward to seeing future additions from both of you.

As far as someone being "argumentative and stubborn....sometimes," I spent a year on the board for a gay men's chorus. It's our job to be argumentative and stubborn....sometimes. :)

Dean Grey said...


It sure is!



"It's our job to be argumentative and stubborn....sometimes."

Good, I won't feel bad then. ;)


Thanks to both of you gentlemen!