Saturday, February 28, 2015

Love is out there.

Another LONG week working in the city.

Freshly-fallen snow crunched at my feet as more showered down between the skyscrapers.

Across the street were three construction signs, lined up one after the other.

Someone had drawn a heart on their snow-covered faces.

Someone still believes in love, I thought.

It has become increasingly discouraging for me being alone and single (more than usual).

At times I've given up hope of meeting someone…of finding love.

How fitting I found the hearts.

Three signs (literally) reminding me love is out there.


naturgesetz said...

You're so right, that it's out there (along with the truth). I think it has to find us.

stanw said...

LOVE ♥, don't give up on it!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about your situation. Chicago is a big city with lots of gay men, there must be gay oriented organizations that might appeal to you, or opportunities to volunteer at a gay themed fund raising shop or hospice etc. I know...bars are bars, but maybe get out once in a while on a Friday or Saturday night if you can afford it. There might even be a gay dinner club that meets in restaurants or as pot luck in people's homes. We belong to a group like that here in PA called PALS. You're connected to a university somehow, isn't there a gay group or society there? Come on...there has to be's a university, right??? You have so much to offer and you seem like such a great guy. There are probably hundreds, nay thousands of gay guys who'd love the opportunity to meet you and go on a date. Yes, from those hundreds or thousands you have to pick the good ones and finally the best one. Well, depending on what you're into..hahahahha But, you have to start somewhere. It's a process like anything else.

Randuwa said...

Beautiful images.

Dean Grey said...





I try to not give up on love but a lot of the times it's hard.



Unfortunately due to work, I don't have time to volunteer. I don't do bars/clubs (so not my thing) and I don't like the type of guys that go to them.

I've never heard of gay dinner clubs before. Sounds unique.

And yes, my university has a gay organization for students but the members are all 15 years younger than me. I'm looking for someone close to my age or older (not drastically younger).

I appreciate the suggestions from you!



I'm glad you think so, Randy!


Thanks to the four of you gentlemen!


PuzzleTM said...

:) Dean dear, every time I check your blog for new posts, these pictures make me smile in an instant.
They tell me that Love is "under construction" :) :), you know, like the warnings one sees on a website whose content is yet to be released to public :)

Thank you!

Dean Grey said...

Puzz TM!

"Love under construction". I like that!

I don't know why I didn't see that myself.