Monday, January 5, 2015

Tagging cats!

You know if I end up in hell one day, I'll be scratched non-stop by cats for all eternity.

That's what I get--but it'll be worth it. .;)

Another year over, another cat calendar defaced at work.

Here are my favorite sharpie "enhancements" from the past year courtesy of my office space…



Cool cat.


Maybe she's born with it--maybe it's Maybelline.

Ah, the memories.

Which do YOU like the best?

I've done so many of these, maybe I should add "cat-tagger" to my resume.

Tee hee hee.


naturgesetz said...

"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? cats" is perfect!
Simply hilarious.

stanw said...

The 2nd one gets my vote! Soooo creative :)

Michelle said...

I forget about this every year (I don't know how!), so every year it's a pleasant surprise! I love them all, but Cool Cat and What Ever Happened to Baby (Kitty?) Jane really resonate with me. Thanks for the needed laughs, dearest Dean!

Dean Grey said...





The second one is my favorite too!



I'm glad I could share these with you then!


All of your comments are very much appreciated!


Unknown said...

I like the Baby Jane cats the best.

Do you have any cats? I have three. They are fun. I won't try to decorate them, though.

Dean Grey said...


I've never owned cats (but like them). I'm more of a dog person.