Saturday, January 10, 2015

Married Engagement.

There was happiness on her face. She showed me the ring. Engaged. My God.

One of my student workers told me her boyfriend of five years proposed over Christmas break. They're still quite young but are planning for a long engagement and a wedding when they're both done with school.

And the other day, the department-head at my old city job e-mailed me saying him and his partner of 17 years got married last month.

Both my student worker and former coworker are AWESOME. They totally deserve it. It warms my heart to hear their news yet I'm a touch saddened it's not my news.

Don't I deserve it too?

I LOVE this!!

How does love find some so easily and effortlessly but for the rest of us, we wander, adrift and alone? I don't think I'll ever understand that.

Will I ever meet a wonderful man who will propose and marry me one day?

God, I sure hope so.


naturgesetz said...

Well, as one who's never been in an intimate relationship, I think in my case shyness is a factor. The more attracted I was, the less I was willing to take the initiative in talking to someone. Fear of rejection was definitely part of it. And in my case, there was also the desire to remain closeted, so I wouldn't want to do or say something that would imply sexual attraction. I guess that last item isn't a problem for you. For me, I think if I hadn't been too hesitant and introverted, I think an intimate nonsexually active friendship would have been very satisfactory — and even as I approach age 72, I'm still open to the possibility.

Anyway, I certainly don't think you should despair. But one of you has to strike up a conversation. ;)

Dean Grey said...


But don't you ever feel like you've missed out on something? I'm not sure if I could go the rest of my life alone like that.

There's a strong desire within me to meet an AMAZING guy, get married, and have a family one day.

And before I can strike up a conversation, I have to find a man who even wants to talk to me. :/