Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Demolition at 21st St. and Calumet Ave. (two blocks from the historic Prairie Avenue District)


naturgesetz said...

I had to google Prairie Avenue Historic District and look at a map and pictures. It's a great looking district, somewhat reminiscent of Back Bay and the South End in Boston, but with more variety in the architecture than the Boston neighborhoods have.

I especially like the row houses across from the park.

Dean Grey said...


The Prairie Avenue District is one of my favorite places to stroll through. So charming and lovely and peaceful!

I was quite saddened to see that old factory being demolished. It's just another sign of the wealthier people moving into that area (the Near South Side) and changing the historic setting forever.

If you google-map "21st St. and Calumet Ave." you can see what the building used to look like before being stripped and torn down.