Sunday, December 21, 2014

Super, Mega Car Bows!

The girth. The length. The size.

It felt so BIG in my hands, I almost didn't know what to do with it.


Get your minds out of the gutter people…I'm talking about bows!

It's the last push at the crafts store to sell our remaining Christmas stock. So naturally my store manager asked me to make more bows that customers can buy to put on a gift.

I don't mean to bow brag but they've been selling, sometimes several each day. That doesn't sound like a lot but over the course of a few weeks it adds up.

We even got a couple requests for car bows to top a vehicle with. Seemed a bit daunting to make such a large one (they use up to 15 yards versus the normal 3 three yards) but I gave it a go.

Here they are!


They look so showy and impressive but I guess that's the idea if you're giving someone a new automobile as a present.

And in less than two minutes after putting them out on the sales floor, one my car bows sold. How cool is that!

It's been fun watching customers eyeing my creations and thrilling when something I've made--sometimes that day--gets sold.



stanw said...

Dean, those are great! You are a Bow-Master indeed.

jason said...

Wow! Those are big enough to be a present on themselves! :)

Dean Grey said...







Thanks to both of you gentlemen!


Rhia Hawk said...

These are certainly better than the crappy bow my mum hooked around my wing mirror!! Fabulous!!

Dean Grey said...

Rhia Hawk!

I'm glad you think so!


Unknown said...

My former brother-in-law gave my former sister-in-law a new car one Christmas draped with a huge bow. This post reminded me of them. They were wonderful people.

Dean Grey said...


That's awesome!