Friday, December 12, 2014

I hope you have enough.

The smell of fried eggs and pancakes permeated the restaurant. We sat across from each other. I thought his work-tie was knotted too tightly and a bit askew.

Even though our time together never led to a relationship, it was nice seeing him again and catching up...

I had breakfast earlier in the week with someone I went on several dates with over the summer.

He cut into his biscuits and gravy without remorse and talked about his new boyfriend.

I smiled and pushed forkfuls of crispy hashbrowns into the ketchup edging my plate.

He seemed to be doing well and said he was satisfied, wishing the same for me:

"I hope you get to travel wherever you want to go. Get to do all the things you've dreamed of. And are loved enough so you're never yearning for more. One day, I hope you have enough."

Cut paper and ink in Moleskine journal - (NFS)

He told me he'd always be around if I needed him and we agreed to keep in touch and remain in each other's lives.

I'd like that.

And like him, maybe one day I can say I have enough.


naturgesetz said...

What a wonderful conversation!

It happens too frequently that people who agree to keep in touch end up not doing it, even though they meant it when they say it. I hope you won't let that happen with this friend. It doesn't take any effort to let the contact lapse. Without any effort, that's what happens. So I hope you'll make the necessary effort to stay in touch with this guy. He sounds like a good person to be in touch with.

I join him in hoping that you'll be loved enough so you're never yearning for more. We could say that God's infinite love should be enough for anybody, but it isn't, which is why we're commanded to love our neighbor, as well as loving God. I think for almost everybody God's love is felt mainly in the love of other people. So I hope you'll be loved enough so you're never yearning for more.

Dean Grey said...


He and I both have similar work schedules and our downtime in between jobs/shifts also matches up.

It'll be easy to grab lunch with him in the city from time to time.

And yes, if only God's love was enough.