Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Crab!

A bit of handcrafted, holiday cheer mailed my way!

Look what fellow blogger, Randy, made me.


This lovely crab ornament now hangs on the family Christmas Tree along with his starfish, seahorse, and turtle.

Thank you, Randy! As always--I love it!

And depending on where you live in the world, I hope everyone has/had/is having a Merry Christmas!!


Randuwa said...

Dean, my friend, you are such a talented and good man--I love how life found a way to acquaint us, and how good it has been to maintain our friendship over the years. You never know how one dot will connect to another, and the wonder is in the possibility to watch how each link inspires the next connection. May 2015 bring you amazing connections, and I will be here to support each and every one!

Randuwa said...

ps - I'm glad you like the crab. I make each one with a person in mind, and I try to select fabrics that represent my feelings about them--here encompassed was your love of ribbons and my feeling that you're a "star"!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, Randy!!


MartininBroda said...

And a Merry Christmas to you as well (since at least until Epiphany it's still Christmas, so I'm not that belated) :)

Dean Grey said...


Thanks Martin!