Friday, November 21, 2014

T'is the season…for bows!

Bow Boy is back in action!

The district manager of the arts-and-crafts store I work at is visiting all of the stores in our district this week to make sure we're ready for Black Friday (and Saturday and Sunday).

The store manager asked that I make more Christmas bows for sale, as part of the holiday decor but also as an example to customers what could be made out of the ribbon we sell.

I'm all caught up so I said yes. Here's some of what I created this week:

It's been fun and challenging taking something as varied in texture and as flat as ribbon and shaping it into something 3-dimensional and artistic.

I went for different color combinations and patterns and textures…and of course, glitter ribbon! (It got all over my face, dress slacks and crotch area--awkward!)

In the end, my fingers were nicked and sore from twisting and handling so much wired ribbon but I enjoyed it.

Bows RULE!


naturgesetz said...

Those bows are all very attractive. Nice work.

Hopefully you don't expose your crotch area to the customers in the store. LOL

jason said...

You're a bow making fiend, it looks like! They look great.
I've made my fair share of bows in the past, so you get all the props from me :)

Dean Grey said...


"Hopefully you don't expose your crotch area to the customers in the store."

Only if they're good looking…and male.




Let's have a bow-making party!


I appreciate hearing from both of you gentlemen!