Sunday, November 30, 2014

Three Widows.

She seemed a bit down and quieter than usual. Understandably so during the holidays.

My Aunt Nancy joined us for Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

The last time I saw her was during my uncle's funeral over two months ago.

Normally they'd celebrate together with his side of the family but now that he's gone, my mom invited her over along with my other aunt.

Strange to think my mom and both aunts now have being a widow in common.

And how different the dynamic changes when certain people are gone from the setting and when new ones are added.

"Three Widows" 
Pen and ink and marker in Moleskine journal - (NFS)

I'm glad they could join us. My mom and her sisters have always been very close and it's nice seeing them together.

I hope this becomes a regular thing during the holidays.


Michelle said...

That's a really beautiful piece, Dean. :)

naturgesetz said...

I like the drawing. To me, the green represents their tears at their losses, and the pink represents their hearts. It looks as if they are dancing. Despite their sorrow, they have each other, and that is a reason for joy.

Yes, it is good if family can get together for the holidays, more so when it is family who are not together every day.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you.

It's part of my private (crazy) journal so it was never meant to be a fully rendered piece, hence the rough, sketchy look to it.



Originally their tears were a bluish-green but the yellow marker overlay turned it more of a green.

The pink is definitely their hearts.

And interesting that the figures appear to be dancing. I didn't want them to be in static poses but in a state of motion, like they were joining hands and about to form a circle.


I appreciate the both of you sharing your thoughts on this piece!