Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holding on for something better.

Holding on phrasal v. 1. Maintaining one's grip; clinging. 2. Continuing to do something; persisting. 3. Waiting for something wanted or requested.

All this build-up but in the end I never did make a go of it.

And I feel like I've let them down--the kind people I've met there and have stayed in touch with.

Parts of my time there, I've forgotten but I remember feeling a strong connection to that city. That's what tells me to keep holding on for something better. 

Even if I never get there, it's what the goal represents that's most important.

My exclusive access to staff-only positions was renewed yet again this month and will now last until November 2015.

One more year to apply to job openings out there. Another chance to make Seattle my home.

So on this day of all days, I'm very grateful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!


Mike said...

Here's to a great 2015, and seeing you in Seattle soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

naturgesetz said...

Have there been openings for suitable jobs, that you could have applied for but didn't?

Do they notify you, or do you have to search a website?

Anyway, I hope you get something good, either there or at the university, or wherever.

Dean Grey said...



Let's hope next year is AMAZING for all of us!



Good questions!

It's a bit tricky because being a (Seattle) city department, they underwent a series of job freezes this year.

I'd get e-mailed a job posting or two about every month or so. But they were always in locations not close to the city (downtown area).

Not a lot to choose from this year. Hopefully more things will open up in the months ahead. We shall see.


Both of your comments are greatly appreciated!