Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let it go.

Ideas, photographs, notes. The past. 

All thrown out.

I've been getting rid of a lot of my stuff these past few weeks. Things I've been holding onto for 15 years--or longer.

Much of it was from my early 20's when I created the most art (wasn't working at that time). Who knew purging would be such a process.

Sifting through the memories and discarding items without mercy.

Childhood action figures and comic book things. Art supplies collecting dust. Creative projects waiting to be born.

It's been hard to let it go.

But I can't hold onto it forever. It weighs me down and I need to be light if I'm to be free and living on my own one day.

The past is in the past, right Elsa?

I'm saying goodbye to what once was in hopes I'll one day say hello to something more AMAZING than I could ever imagine.


naturgesetz said...

Congrats on doing this. My house is full of stuff that I keep because I somehow feel a need to hold onto it in order to hold onto my past and the people, especially family members, who had it or used it in the past.

PuzzleTM said...

Hear, hear! :)

Dean Grey said...


Yes, that's been the hardest part. Overcoming that feeling that I need to hold onto all that stuff.

Little by little though I'm getting there.


Puzz TM!



Thanks to the both of you for chiming in on this!


PuzzleTM said...

I knew I have a tune somewhere to match your both desiderata (set free the past and open to the opportunities of the future), Kato & Safri Duo with Dimitto -- Let Go
hope you'll enjoy it :D

jason said...

The only good thing about Hurricane Katrina was that it helped do this for me :)
It's hard, but it's cathartic.

Dean Grey said...

Puzz TM!

Thanks for this!

The singer is all types of handsome. ;)



Must've been a nightmare to go through. :(


I appreciate hearing from the both of you!


Unknown said...

I have gone through a similar experience as I downsize and prepare to move to Washington State. I had letters and e-mails to and from my parents since moving to NC in 1990 through 2006. I skimmed through them and relived lots of memories. I saved a few, along with a sample of cards. One of the hardest things was downsizing my books. I donated over 100 books a year earlier. I kept around 20 books out of the 500 or so I still had at home. I scanned some papers including a booklet I made for Mothers' Day in the first grade. De-cluttering is cathartic.

Dean Grey said...


Wow, that sounds like a lot of downsizing!

But it must feel good to know that all of those books will now get to be read by MANY people and not just you.